Frances Belser - Singer and Artist We are the black sheep of the family called black sheep folk
We always speak our mind
Understand and need differences of the culture
We belive in sexual preferences
We belive in no racism
No sexism
No religionism
No fanatism
There is always one in every family
Even when we are surrounded by bodies we are always alone.

And you die alone
You where born alone
And you die alone
You canít take it with you
Black sheep look different from their families
Itís the way we look at the world
Usually our family, our city, our country never understands us
We knew this from when we where very young that we werenít ment to be understood
Usually weíre not appreciated until the next generation
Usually weíre outcasts, outsiders in our own family
Donít worry, get used to it.

My sister says I donít understand what youíre doing
My brother says youíre ok but I donít understand what youíre doing
My mother says I donít know how to handle you
Youíre so different from the rest of the world

Weíre related to people we love, who can say, I love you black sheep daughter
I love you black sheep son, I love you outcast, I love you outsider
Black sheep love the invisible
We know each otherís thoughts
We feel fear and hatred
Sometimes black sheep are chosen to be sick, so the family can finally come together and say I love you
Black sheepís destinies are not necessarily in having prescribed existence
We are not the american dream
We are often politically incorrect, therefore against the only one power, to be the only number one,
the american dream
We feel a unique responsibility, a human responsibility for feelings for others
We can be all things to all people, we are there at 3am when you call
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